Monday, March 19, 2012

Cover Reveal: PAIGE . . . And Final Dates!

We received official word today that all four books will be released on 2012!

It's what we hoped for all along, but something our publishers weren't sure they could promise at first. Now they can, and we have finalized dates, all in 2012 (And there was much rejoicing in the land . . .)

Here's the official line-up:
DAISY comes out in May.
PAIGE will hit shelves in August.
ATHENA will be available in November.

We've got a lot of fun stuff planned for promotion and the whole series, so stay tuned!

And now, here's the cover of PAIGE:


  1. Gorgeous cover. They are all so lovely!

  2. Great covers so far, and congrats on getting the release dates set!

  3. Awesome news. Beautiful covers.

  4. I love these covers. So beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. Again, a terrific cover. Are any of you that tan? It makes me nostalgic for Southern California...but not enough to move back.

    I'm in the middle of "Olivia" and enjoying it immensely, but a thought occurred to me: Does this mean all 4 of you will be competing against each other for a Whitney next year?

  6. Heather will be serving as Whitney President, so she'll be ineligible, but the rest of us will duke it out, I guess. Heather's is the only romance--so she would have been in that category all on her own--the rest of us are all Women's fiction so assuming we all make the finals, we could have a bit of a brawl on our hands :-).

    1. We like to make life tough on the judges/readers. Lol!