Monday, December 19, 2011

Olivia Cover Preview!

Here is the cover to the first book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series! As cold and shivery as I currently feel, I envy the model in the picture! It makes me want to truck on down to Newport and spend the day on the beach reading.

It's been such a neat process to work with other authors I admire and create something different and new. I signed the contract this afternoon and love how the managing editor at Covenant sends me a letter with the contracts telling me how excited she is for what I'm doing. Those letters are a huge boost to my fragile self confidence. They remind me that someone else loves what I wrote.

Olivia comes out in February. Daisy (by Josi Kilpack) will be coming next--out in either late April or early May. We will definitely be having a launch party for the release, and there will definitely be lots of fun, food and prizes involved.

In the mean time . . . YAY!