Monday, April 30, 2012

The Launch for "Daisy" took place this past Saturday. As always the Fort Union Deseret Book staff did a fabulous job hosting the event. Julie came with me and I think she signed as many copies of "Olivia" as I signed of "Daisy." It was so much fun talking to people about the series and see their excitement for how the books will fit together--big thanks to everyone who stopped by the event, it's always a treat to see familiar faces. Having two books out takes things up another level and so far people seem to like the way the books weave together.

AND, now that the launch is over, I was able to throw all the entries into the the "Spread the Word" contest into a great big bowl (okay, I used, still the concept is the same) I shuffled the names a few times, then took the number one spot which happened to belong to Ranae M. who blogged about the launch and left a comment on our blog telling us so. Thank you to everyone who blogged, tweeted, and Facebooked the event, we so appreciate you putting the word out. Thanks also to the dozens of people who signed up at the Live events I attended at the BYU Bookstore and at the Launch Party. You guys are Terrrrrrific!

Happy Reading!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Get The Word Out Contest: Daisy

The Launch party for "Daisy" will be on Saturday, April 28th from 1:00-3:00 at the Fort Union Deseret Book Store in Salt Lake City, Utah. Julie Wright will be there signing copies of "Olivia" as well and we'll have cookies--Rolo Cookies, to be exact. The recipe was featured in Annette Lyon's cookbook "Chocolate Never Faileth" and is also included at the back of "Daisy". Soooo, we want to get the word out and a few weeks ago I just happen to be at the mall and saw a new Marc Jacob's fragrance called "Daisy." I call that fate!

I purchased a gift box set of the fragrance, which includes a 2.5 oz. spray and 5 oz. lotion. You might have to take my word for the fact that it smells awesome, a little floral, but light and with just a hint of musk to it. And it's so cute!

Here's how you enter the drawing--multiple entries encouraged:

*Post about "Daisy" or "Olivia" on your blog (If you already have, just tell us so)
*Tweet or Facebook or blog about the opening night (If you review a book on your blog AND post about the opening night--that's two entries)
*Leave a review for "Daisy" or "Olivia" anywhere--Goodreads,,, Library Thing, Shelfari. (You can use the same review on multiple review sites, we don't mind)
*Recommend "Daisy" or "Olivia" to your friends on Goodreads or another book review site that allows recommendations.

Once you've put the word out in any of these ways, come back here and leave a comment that includes your total entries and make sure we can contact you through the information in your profile. You can also enter in person at the Launch on the 28th. The winner will be announced on Monday, April 30th and will be contacted for a mailing address so that the gift box can be shipped to you.

Thanks so much for your help spreading the word, I'm excited to see what people think of the second installment in the series!