Ilana's Wish by Annette Lyon
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 There's a lesson that I've been taught all of my life, but I've really been learning it lately--it's impossible to judge someone else; appearances can be deceiving. Ilana's life seems absolutely perfect! She has all anyone could ever want--except for a baby. When that dream falls apart, her life falls apart, too--at least on the inside. Her life seems perfect, even without a baby, yet she's dying inside, which leads me to the lesson: How can you really judge someone? We all have hard times and we all handle them differently, even in fiction. This story was yet another powerful example to me that things aren't always, if ever, as they seem.
Ilana is so lucky in that she has some great new friends! When her life reaches a very critical point, they're there for her. I've enjoyed learning about each member of this book club. They're all so unique and different, yet they have the common bond of reading.
Ilana's story really helped me understand those who struggle with innocent addictions better. I was amazed at the thought processes that she went through and the lengths she went to cover herself. Very realistic, in my opinion.
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Review by Hikari Loftus, Daily Herald

Sometimes people find that their greatest hopes and dreams come crashing down around their feet.

In Ilana’s case, they come crashing down around her stylish boots.

On the outside, Ilana is a well-dressed woman with a great career and wonderful marriage to an ER surgeon. But on the inside, all she can feel is the empty space where she desperately wishes a baby were growing.

Within a matter of weeks, Ilana is faced with blow after blow of bad news in several different aspects of her life, and it seems she is drowning in a torrent of grief, loss, pain, failure, anger, disappointment — you name it. And Ilana wants to suffer her grief on her own; she's unwilling to share her true feelings with even her mother or husband.

Instead, Ilana turns to little, orange-brown, pill-filled prescription bottles for relief from her physical and emotional pain. But there never seems to be enough pills, and without even noticing, she is sliding down the slippery slope of addiction.

Although Ilana does a good job of keeping up her put-together façade, Tori and Shannon from the book club have figured out Ilana’s addiction, and in an act of tough but sincere love, they are about to present her with an ultimatum that she can’t ignore.

For readers of the Newport Ladies Book Club novels, “Ilana’s Wish” may be one of the most highly anticipated releases in the series. With a number of scenes and peeks into Ilana’s life through the eyes of the book club members, readers have already gathered that Ilana has deep struggles and pains, both physical and emotional. With the recent release of “Ilana’s Wish,” readers finally get to learn what is really going on — all the thoughts and reasons behind Ilana’s actions and comments.

Utah author Annette Lyon dives into the tender topic of infertility, and the emotions that come with it, and creates an honest story that is both relatable and revealing. Lyon creates an account that allows readers to feel the full weight of grief, addiction, devotion, friendship and faith — leaving readers hopeful in the face of dark realities. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons that comes from reading each of the Newport Ladies books is to never judge or make assumptions about someone else until you know their story.

The book has no foul language, sexual content or violence.

"Ilana's Wish" is part of the second set of books in the Newport Ladies Book Club parallel book series. Each book focuses on one member of the book club, shedding light into her personal life and challenges. Shared scenes allow readers to visit the same interactions and moments from different perspectives.

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