Shannon’s troubled twenty-one-year-old stepdaughter has been missing for two weeks. When she finally calls, strung out and scared, and asks for a place to stay, Shannon doesn’t hesitate to welcome her into their home—despite her husband John’s misgivings. As a pharmacist Shannon has always taken an analytical view of Keisha’s addiction problems and feels that treating Keisha’s underlying depression and proving her an unfailing support system can break the bonds that have taken over her life.
      When Keisha first begins breaking the rules she’s agreed to adhere to while living in their home, Shannon worries John will kick her out and send her back to her druggie friends. Shannon commits to be more diligent about getting Keisha help and convincing her of her potential. As more of her energy goes toward Keisha, a distance emerges between Shannon, her husband, and their twelve-year-old-son, Landon. Shannon finds it easy to justify her own behavior as unconditional love but as Keisha’s stumblings become dramatic falls, Shannon realizes that this is no longer just about Keisha.
     Shannon finds herself facing an unexpected reality in that addiction comes in many forms. Can she shift her perspective from Keisha’s future—that was never hers to control—to her own? Can she keep herself from spiraling into the same lifestyle of fixes and repair her own fractured relationships before she drives her husband and son away for good?  

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