Monday, January 27, 2014

Author Perks

It's super fun when the doorbell rings and I am still in black yoga pants and a t shirt with my hair pulled into a bedraggled sort of ponytail. Feet are bare. Teeth are not brushed. Yes, it is after ten in the morning. Thank you for asking. (And people think an author's life is so glamorous . . . if by glamorous you mean afraid to answer your own door, then yes, yes it is) It is that moment when I wonder, "Do I dare answer? What if it's important? What if my dog bit the pool guy while I wasn't paying attention? Or what if it's a random stranger selling girl scout cookies?"

At the thought of the cookies, I actually get up to answer the door. The pool guy can take care of himself. I have homeowner's insurance. The cookie salesman, however, waits for no one.Curses! It wasn't the cookie salesman. I swear the Girls Scouts of America do not try hard enough to search me out and sell me calories I don't need but desperately want. Happily, it wasn't the pool guy missing appendages either. What it was instead was a box on my doorstep. Our postwoman always rings the bell when she's leaving a package. She is terribly considerate that way.

Inside the box were my author copies of my latest book Victoria's Promise! HOORAY! The Newport Ladies Book Club series marches ever onward. I love this book. It's super fun, filled with heart and all those aching love-sicky feelings that a good romance should have. I dedicated it to my ever-inspiring editor, Kirk Shaw, who ditched me to go be a lawyer. He is so lucky I love him and haven't used the voodoo doll I bought of him when he told me he was leaving me. Actually, I am super proud of him for making good choices for his family and am so grateful that he helped me be the writer I am.

Victoria's Promise turned out really well. I am pleased with my finished written product--pleased with how well it tied into the series and how the other Newport ladies helped Victoria on her journey. Feel free to go see the nice reviews on Amazon. I love people who leave nice reviews. We won't talk about how I feel about those other people. Didn't their grandmothers teach them not to say anything when they didn't have anything nice to say? So sad they missed out on a valuable education. Actually, there's a lot to be learned in the not-so-nice reviews as well. Anyway, I digress.
The point is that I have my author copies and books in the mail is always super fun. Feel free to go buy a copy. I may not be Lord Byron, but I am infinitely more entertaining.
Author Copies!
Author Copies! And as a fun aside, my book has a doppelganger. The first person to discover the title of my book's doppelganger will receive a prize. Hint . . . it has something to do with the red bike. Leave a comment with the title to win cool prize.


  1. Second Chances by Melanie Jacobson

  2. That's what I was going to say :-)

  3. Annica wins (sorry Heather) email me your address and I will send you a prize worthy of prizes :) my email is jules at juliewright dot com

  4. Oh and for those who don't know: The cover for Melanie Jacobson's book has a red bike leaning against a seaside fence. And her book is about bachelors. Hilarious. I can't think of anyone more awesome to share a book-twin with. Though the books have a commonality to them, they are totally different stories. Both equally awesome in completely different ways. :)

  5. I've been looking at pictures today for a new cover, and it's funny because all of the bikes are standing out to me. Making me laugh!

  6. i must have googled bikes and doppelgangers for like an hour trying to figure this out! ;-) lol

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