Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pictures from ATHENA Book Launch!

What a great night. We had the ATHENA launch at the Fort Union Deseret Book, which is the bookstore that has hosted all of the Newport Ladies Book Club launches. Josi wasn't able to come since she had booked a trip to see the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. (If you've read her mystery novel Tres Leches Cupcakes, you'll know the connection.)

Here are the pictures!

 We all signed a collection of books (Josi did beforehand), and 3 sets were given away as prizes.

Because the Fort Union store agreed to let us have the launch on Oct 6, which is their semi-annual Ladies Night, the publisher had to send the book to press a month early. Copies are only available at this store until the official release month of November.

Our official launch picture--everyone holding ATHENA! (Heather, Julie, Annette)

Now we are holding the entire set! And just FYI, this first set of 4 covers the first 4 months of book club for Olivia, Daisy, Paige & Athena. The next set of 4 will cover the next 4 months and will contain Ilana, Ruby, Shannon & Victoria's stories.

 It was great talking to readers. This is Diony George's mom visiting from Alaska.

I think people who love books are always drawn to each other.

Not sure how I feel about this one. My girls stopped to visit (Rose on left, Dana on right, who I dedicated ATHENA to) . . . but then Julie sneaked in and posed behind us.

Author Lisa Mangum was there for Ladies Night as well, signing her new YA love story, AFTER HELLO. (Annette, Julie, Heather, Lisa)

Notice the tin of baklava on the table (from my mom). In ATHENA, her mom is a great cook and one of Athena's favorite desserts is her mom's baklava. Recipe is at the back of the book.

And finally, photographer Heather Gardner took this lovely picture. She has come to our launches and several of my other book signings.

It was a great night and we're grateful for everyone's support and enthusiasm for this series! It wouldn't be successful without our readers!


  1. Didn't she take a second picture??? i wouldn't have photo bombed if I didn't think a second picture would have been taken.

  2. Congratulations! Looks like it was a great night.

  3. I love it, Julie. Not complaining, just teasing :-)

    Thanks, Andrea!