Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest Update: Not to Be Cruel . . .

OLIVIA, by Julie Wright, is getting close to done and will be sent off to the press very soon. We hear it'll hit shelves sometimes in mid-to-late February, which will likely move the other books down the calender by a month. (We'll keep readers updated on confirmed release dates, for sure!)

In the meantime, this morning, our in-boxes held a delightful surprise: OUR COVERS!

They're all fun, similar enough to tie together, yet totally different.

And we can't show them to you. (Sorry! You'll have to wait in suspense.)

Here's a clue as to how awesome they are: The designer is the same gal as the one who designed my entire chocolate cookbook. (Yeah, that gorgeous thing. I know!)

We're lucky to have Christina on our team, and we're excited to unveil the covers as we're allowed, maybe one at a time, as the release dates solidify and we're closer to each book's release.

It's happening! The Newport Ladies Book Club is coming!

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  1. Did anyone notice that all the authors have blue eyes? :-)